We recommend that before you commit to a full course that you take an introductory flight which will allow you to familiarise yourself with the aircraft, the local area and the sensation of flying a light aircraft, it’s also a perfect opportunity to find out more about Bodmin Airfield and the training we offer.

If you decide to go ahead and train with us you first need to become a member of the flying club, this costs £150.00 per year.

We have training package deals available so contact us for the best price.


We run six instruction slots per day, three in the morning and three in the afternoon, to book just ring Michelle or Jay in the tower around a week in advance and they will make the booking for you. On the day of your booking please ring us to double check the weather, if the weather does looks poor there is still plenty to learn and we can try to cover some of the theoretical training

Each lesson will start with a brief and an aircraft inspection before flying.

Every exercise will be demonstrated by an instructor before allowing you to take the controls, with your initial training building towards your first solo.