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Our highly experienced instructional team have an infectious enthusiasm for flying and teaching. Between them they have amassed a remarkable level of expertise!

At Bodmin, Perranporth and Eaglecott we offer a variety of different licence allowing you to choose the one that fits your personal specification. If you are having difficulty deciding on the right option, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or Email.

As a Cornwall Flying Club member you enjoy FREE landings (at Bodmin) for all of your flights.

Aircraft and Instructor Online Booking Link
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The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) entitles the pilot to fly an aircraft in visual conditions and is the perfect licence for those wanting to fly as a serious hobby or for anyone looking to become a commercial pilot.



 If your intention is to fly with a maximum of three passengers within Europe then the LAPL(A) might be the answer for you, requiring fewer hours of practical training and less stringent medical checks than a full PPL.



One of the most economical ways to fly, achieving the PPL(G) opens the door to this versatile type of aircraft. Fast, efficient, with great load carrying ability and offers incredible high wind wind/cross-wind capability. Requiring fewer hours of practical training and less stringent medical checks than a full PPL.

There is currently no EU/EASA/UK agreement in place so the licence can only be used on UK-registered gyroplanes inside UK airspace, unless you have an agreement with the aviation authorities in another country which will allow you to fly in that country’s airspace



The IR(R) is a national rating that can be added to a UK issued licence, enhancing the privileges and instrument flying skills of a PPL holder enabling flights in conditions below the minima for a PPL holder.


Commercial Code for the provision of Flight Training or Flight Experience flights at Cornwall Flying Club/ Bodmin Airfield.

All candidates for Flight Training1 or Flight Experience at Bodmin2 shall be members of CFC.
The provision of Flight Training and Flight Experience on behalf of CFC in company aircraft shall be given under the direct supervision and control of CFC by instructors or pilots approved by the CFI or Responsible Representative.

Members who are suitably qualified may offer limited Flight Training services (licence revalidation and Differences Training only) to other Members on a non-commercial basis.
Third parties may, at the discretion of CFC, be contracted by CFC to provide Flight Training or Flight Experience or aircraft self-fly hire flights at Bodmin Airfield in their own aircraft on strictly commercial terms in accordance with CFC Art 14.

Procurement of Goods and Services.

These terms shall provide that:
• The third party shall demonstrate compliance with the statutory requirements and adequate insurance cover commensurate with the services to be provided.
• CFC shall determine a) the fees payable by users of the services provided by the third party and, b) the percentage of such fees that shall be passed on to the third party.
• The third party shall pay CFC standard landing fees commensurate with the aircraft type for each service provided. Additional sessions to conduct circuit training for up to one hour may be purchased for the equivalent of the applicable landing fee.
• The third party shall conduct all pre-flight briefings and ground training in the CFC Briefing Room (i.e. not in the clubhouse) and shall pay an agreed usage fee.
• All bookings and payments for such services shall be managed by CFC and advised to the third party in a timely manner. The third party shall advise CFC of any cancellations advised to them direct.
• The third party shall provide a daily log of flights conducted, stipulating flight type, to CFC at the closure of operations on the day.
• The third party may, at the discretion of CFC, be offered hangarage of its aircraft at CFC’s premises at a commercial rate determined by CFC. CFC reserves the right to vary the above arrangements and terms for one-off or special events. CFC may consider the granting of reciprocal landing fee waivers or part waivers for Flight Training Organisations operating training flights into Bodmin that offer an equivalent waiver at their own base airfield.

Flight Training Organisations or Commercial Operators may not operate flights into Bodmin for the purposes of setting down or uplifting persons for the commencement or termination of training flights, flight experience flights or self-fly hire.
1 Flight Training shall include ab-initio training, type or licence conversion training and licence renewal flights.
2 Temporary membership is provided for flight experiencers as a condition of CFC Insurance cover.