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“Flights of Fancy” duo, Sally Crabtree & Laura Frances Martin present aviation inspired music and poetry in Hangar 2

Sally and Laura provide the evening entertainment of our weekend guests – the Vintage Aircraft Club.

Sally started out as a gymnast and at the age of 14 won a scholarship to train in Russia, before going on to become the youngest ever member of the GB women’s gymnastics team competing around the world. Being a gymnast, however, was not something that I had ever dreamt of being – I just liked doing it. I didn’t really dream of becoming anything – I just was happy being! Until the age of 20, that is, when I had the rather strange conviction that I had to be a poet. I say rather strange because although I loved literature, poetry wasn’t necessarily something that had ever been an over riding passion above and beyond anything else. The conviction was so strong however, that it was like an invisible piece of concrete in my resolve. Nothing would budge it (and never has) even though at the time I didn’t even know what I really meant by ‘to be a poet’. I certainly didn’t want to be the kind of boring person most people imagine poets to be (someone self obsessively droning on!) Maybe it was that I wanted to live a free life that I imagined true poets to lead?

Laura is a creative freelancer working across visual arts, writing, performance and arts producing, based in Cornwall in the UK. As a performer Laura has  worked on site specific dance & theatre and film & TV projects, chiefly in Cornwall and the SW;  sung with several Cornwall-based vocal groups; and often includes performative elements in her art commissions. As a producer of arts events, festivals and projects, including, as a Founder and Core artist of ARTiculate, the Island Light Festivals on Scilly; and as a Director of Wadebridge Creative Hub, BikeLights & FIRE & STEAM.


All are welcome at our social events so bring your family and friends


Pete White, AEROCLUB, 01752 406660 or 07805 805679 or pete@aeronca.co.uk