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All of the Adrenaline Junkies and the Thrill Seekers amongst you  can, if they so choose, experience the ultimate in Aerobatic flying. If this is something you never thought you would get a chance to experience in an extreme display aircraft, i.e. high performance manoeuvres, well now you can. How often will you have the ‘open’ opportunity to experience rolls of 400 degrees per second or spiralling climbs at 3,200 feet per minute in an aircraft that can be loaded up to 10g in flight?


Nick Wakefield, a member of the British Aerobatic Team, and an Aerobatic Display Pilot, is offering personal sessions in his high energy and ultimate aerobatic display aircraft, the two seat Extra 330LX, on both Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June at Bodmin Airfield.


There are a still a few slots left for those who wish to accept the challenge, and Nick says you can have the session as high energy as you want, or take it slow and easy if that is your preference. He will fly the session at a pace that is comfortable for you.


Please take a look at the attached poster for contact details, and if interested, get in touch directly with Nick Wakefield as soon as you can to book and secure your place next weekend. It promises to be ‘high octane’ for those who decide to ‘go for it’!