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“Kent Airport” is re-opening for one weekend, with potentially 100 aircraft expected.

Text copied from Kent Live: Link.

Manston Airport, which has been closed for 10 years, is set to host a rare ‘fly-in’ – for a really sweet reason.

A Kent pilot has helped to organise a charity fly-in, inspired by his much-loved wife who has terminal brain cancer. Aviation enthusiast Chris Knight owns a French Emeraude aircraft built in 1958 and has jointly arranged the event at Manston Airport, in Ramsgate.


PPR with Polar Helicopters – info@polarhelicopters.co.uk


£15 landing fee, £10 overnight camping – Proceeds to Charities – The Martha Trust, The RAF Manston History Museum, and Brain Tumour Research.


The fly-in will run from Friday, May 24 to Sunday, May 26 and is being held to raise funds for several charities. The grandfather-of-four, from Gillingham, said: “It’s currently closed as an airport and the owners, RiverOak Strategic Partners, have been quite accommodating and let us organise a couple of things there, so we thought we’d do this for charity.

“We’re really grateful to them for making the airfield available and to Light Aircraft Association Kent Strut for making this happen. Flying’s always been a passion of mine but it’s a bit weather dependent. There’s always the possibility of having a wash out, but we managed to extend this to a long weekend, so hopefully we’ll get some good weather.

Manston Airport, originally operated as RAF Manston from 1918, it has also operated as a commercial airport and was known as Kent International Airport and, briefly, London Manston Airport. It has been closed since 2014

The single runway is located about 1 mile (1.6 km) from the coastline at 178 ft above sea level.

It has the 11th-longest civilian runway in the United Kingdom (after Heathrow’s two runways, Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Stansted, East Midlands, Doncaster, Prestwick, and Belfast International.  2,748 m in length.

When operational, Manston was capable of handling some of the larger long-haul aircraft, but the runway was not long enough for the largest passenger or freight types at their maximum take-off weights. The runway was originally built with three “lanes” during the Second World War to handle emergencies, and is among the widest in Europe.

Since its closure, the airport has been used as an emergency lorry park in the event of temporary cross-Channel traffic problems, a filming location, including for the 2023 Sam Mendes film Empire of Light and has hosted a variety of aviation events, including the 2023 British Open Paramotor Championships and a general aviation fly-in event (May 2023).

Since 9 July 2019, Manston has been owned by RiverOak Strategic Partners and is the subject of a Development Consent Order to be reopened as an airfreight hub.

The owners of the airport propose to reopen the airport for air cargo flights in 2025.