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Mat Burnham, Fly-UK

✉ mat@fly-uk.org

◍ www.fly-uk.org

☏ 07906 097657

About Fly-UK

Fly-UK is a microlight event providing an opportunity for pilots of all skill levels and experience to fly in company around the UK during the course of a full week – Fri 17th June to Sun 26th June this year. We fly around England, Wales and Scotland expecting to reach both Land’s End and John O’Groats if the weather allows.

Pilots tend to fly in small self-organised groups, arriving and departing alone or in small groups. We don’t tend to bunch up too much and the field spreads out as the week goes on. Past experience suggests no more than 30-40 participants will make it to any one stop, with many fewer if the weather is not favourable.

The route is still very much under development, but intends to start somewhere in the Midlands, route down to Lands’ End then head north to reach John O’Groats before returning to the Midlands. In all it will be over 1600 miles and in excess of 25 hours in the air over the course of the week.

We collect for the charity Children with Cancer, having raised in excess of £80,000 over the years that the event has run. To support our efforts most airfields kindly offer to waive landing fees for the event, and pilots donate the equivalent amount to the charity as well as raising funds from friends and family.