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Annual General Meeting


24th November, 2021


In accordance with the Articles of Association of Cornwall Flying Club Limited (the Company), notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Company shall be held on the above date and time and, in acknowledgement of the current status of the COVID Pandemic, this meeting shall be conducted as a Presentation Meeting as provided using the Zoom facility. Details of access codes shall be provided to Members prior to the meeting.


The business to be conducted at the meeting shall be:


  1. Approval of the Minutes of last AGM
  2. Chairman’s address and report.
  3. Financial report ~ declaration of results of ballot to approve/otherwise
  4. Officer reports
  5. Declaration of any ballot resulting from a proposed resolution (if any)
  6. Election of Directors ~ declaration of results of ballot
  7. Response to written questions of AOB




Members should note the following:


  1. Attendees at the meeting shall properly identify themselves on screen. Failure to do so will result in that attendee being removed from the meeting.
  2. Approval of the minutes of the AGM held on 16th December, 2020 may be made using electronic ballot* by 17th November, 2021.
  3. Company Accounts to 30th April 2021 are provided for review and approval are Strictly Company Confidential and may not be distributed to third parties.
  4. Approval of the Company Accounts to 30th April 2021 may be made using electronic ballot* by 17th November, 2021.
  5. Nominations for the position of Director must be received by the Company by 9th November 2021. A list of candidates together with a summary statement from each, their proposer and seconder will be distributed by email to Members on or before 15th November and will be posted in the clubhouse.
  6. Members may cast their votes for each candidate using electronic ballot*. The poll will close on 17th November, 2021.
  7. Written questions for AOB must be submitted by 9th November, 2021.
  8. The Company shall provide notice to Members of any proposed Company Resolutions for consideration at this meeting by 26th October, 2021. Voting for or against such Company Resolutions may be made using electronic ballot* by 17th November, 2021.
  9. Officer reports shall be distributed to Members by 17th November 2021.

*details will be released shortly