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Commemorating Home Defences in World War One

Dear Members,


The Aeroclub will be holding their last winter season monthly talk on Wednesday 18th April 2018.

With this year being both the centenary of the end of the First World War, and the centenary of the formation of the Royal Air Force, the final talk of the season is an apt one where we get to see, and learn about, the various ground defence systems devised to protect the United Kingdom from German aerial attack, and which can still be seen a century after they were built.

The glue that holds the talk together is the famous ‘Dawn to Dusk’ competition, now in its 55th year, where pilots are encouraged to select any theme that will be of historical, or cultural, interest and fly to as many places of interest within the subject from dawn to dusk.

The speaker for the evening, Nic Orchard, is doubly interesting as both a previous ‘Dawn to Dusk’ competition winner, and more so as she is one of the few intrepid female taildragging pilots. Her winning competition theme is the subject of the evening talk, and in her own words;

“It was a day spent finding one hundred sites of landing grounds, wireless stations, AA batteries and sound mirrors along the coast of England, highlighting the WW1 Home Defences against attack from the air.”

As always, the talk will start at 1930 on the evening. Please let me know if you would like to attend and, for those of you who would like dinner prior to the talk, please let Carol know directly at Diner 31, or call the Duty Manager on 01208 821419 to make a meal booking. We look forward to seeing you there for what promises to be an interesting look back at wartime aviation defence history as seen from above.

Kind Regards,