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Jay Gates: – Antarctica – A Potted history with aviation. Weds 18th Jan at 19.00

The search for Antarctica began in the early 1700s as European nations tried to discover Terra Australis Incognita. It was during the Golden Age of Exploration that the first Aviation events took place with tethered balloons. By the start of World War 2, a great deal of Antarctica had been discovered and surveyed using fixed wing aircraft. After World War 2 the Americans introduced not only Icebreakers, but helicopters, and aviation became a central part of their polar operations. The Antarctic Treaty in 1957 has been the most successful international treaty ever devised. It was signed by just 12 nations. Today, there are 29 Antarctic Treaty nations involved in Antarctic research, and all utilise Aviation as a part of their expeditionary, scientific, and logistical support. The aviation world of Antarctica today includes helicopters, big and small, fixed wing aircraft, big and small, UAVs, and even thrill seekers in Wingsuits. The talk will take a potted look at every aspect of Antarctica, yesterday and today, with a bias towards aviation. We are most fortunate because Jay has firsthand knowledge as he was working in Antarctica from 1981-1988 from his base in South Africa.

All are welcome at our evening social events so bring your family and friends

The AEROCLUB talk starts at 19.30. Please contact Jay on 01208 821419 if you would like to book a pre-talk meal (18.00 onwards), from Diner 31.


Pete White, AEROCLUB, 01752 406660 or 07805 805679 or pete@aeronca.co.uk