If you are considering a career in aviation, this short course offers a taste of life as an aviator, taking you to the point of your first solo flight. The experience will give you valuable insight into your aptitude for flying, and enhances your CV when applying to commence your formal career.

If you fly regularly with a friend or partner, having a greater understanding of flight operations, and the ability to help out in the event of  a problem whist airborne offers great ‘peace of mind’.

Many people are put off by the expense of obtaining one of the above ‘full licences’, and just want to be able to add “I’ve flown an aeroplane solo” to their list of life achievements. All of the above courses are modular, with the same key stages that need to be achieved; first solo, first local cross-country, first regional cross-country, and the final general skills test.

The skills needed to fly safe solo circuits within sight of the field are common to all courses, and are usually achieved within 10-15 hours of flight training. Flying a local cross-country route adds another 5-10 hours, and the regional cross country visiting two other airports (usually Swansea and Exeter) adds another 10 hours of training.

If all you want to do is add “I’ve flown an airplane on my own” to your ‘bucket list’ we can help!
You don’t have to commit to a full course…